The Family Jewels Collection

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The "Family Jewels Collection" contains a selection of hand made naughty shaped 'members' in a variety of flavours - pick from:


'Coq Monsieur' (French Rose Wine)

'Champagne COCKtail' (Champagne)

'Long Black... once you go black' (Espresso Martini)


These are perfect for Hens and Bucks parties, practical jokes, naughty gifts, breakups, best mates and just if you feel like a bit of a dick.


Please note the Espresso Martini members need to be stored in the fridge. 


Coq Monsieur Ingredients:

French Rosé wine, sugar, gelatin, glucose and food colouring


Champagne COCKtail Ingredients:

Champagne, sugar, gelatin and glucose.


Long Black Ingredients:

Coffee, FAIR Café Liquor (French), FAIR Quinoa Vodka (French), sugar, gelatin, and glucose.


We would be so appreciative if you share a photo with us on Instagram @84wine afterwards!